What if we could double the number of feminist men by asking a single question?

"I know this may be tough to share, but would you be willing to tell me about a memorable incident of sexism from your life, so I can get better at supporting you and other women? I really care about you and I think knowing about your experiences will help me be a better man. I want to listen.”

This is a mission for men.

Find a woman with whom you have an emotional bond, like a romantic partner, a friend, or a member of your family. Ask her about her experience and then listen. Really listen. Don't minimize it or try to talk her out of it or remind her that not all men are overt sexists. It is not her job to educate you about sexism but because she cares, she is telling you about her life. Listen.

This is a request for women.

You experience sexism on a daily basis. It is not you who needs to change but men. And yet we are asking for your help. Because without it, things will never get better. If a man asks, consider telling him about your experiences. Or, if you will, go one step farther and let men know you are ready to talk. If this is the beginning of change, it will be because you did what you did not have to do.

This is science for everyone.

1 in 5 men recognize that sexism exists both in the world generally and around them. Another 1 in 5 believe it exists elsewhere but don't see it around them. By encouraging a conversation with a woman they are emotionally close to, we can help these men see how sexism is a part of their daily life and how it affects women they care for. And research tells us when that happens, when men connect emotionally with sexism, they change their behavior.